bokomslag What I Know For Sure
Filosofi & religion

What I Know For Sure

Ayin Adams Ciaara K Carlsen



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  • 396 sidor
  • 2019

What I Know for Sure: If I Change Nothing, Nothing Will Ever Change is literature written in a straightforwardly, readable format. This book is timely; as many are relying upon the old paradigms that no longer work. This book allows the reader to take a personal assessment inventory, reflect, and review their own character and character defects as well as negative self-sabotaging patterns. Each page represents one of the 365 calendar days, whereby, thought -provoking queries, statements, and questions are put forth that force willing participants to become more responsible for their personal growth.  On each of the pages, solutions are suggested as well as a place to reflect and write. 

The ultimate realization is we are individually responsible for everything we think or do, the secret thoughts embedded in the recesses of our minds, or the physical actions that can be released like the swiftness of an arrow.  The way in which we respond or do not respond to any situation is our own responsibility. Dr. Adams and Ms. Carlsen assists readers in reevaluating their life experiences; directs them in being open to change; shares the necessity of adopting forgiveness into one’s daily life; reminds those how receiving and trusting in the abundance of the Universe is always available; shares the importance of understanding the need to release fears so the ability to soar into ecstatic freedom can be realized. The overused expression, you are your worst enemy, becomes a significant reminder of the importance of removing oneself continued behavioral patterns that stifle the progress and block the flow thereby disallowing Change to take place. Excuses, complaints and the blockages that prevent change require courage and a willingness to not continually repeat the same patterns.  Dr. Adams and Ms. Carlsen solutions can prevent character stagnation, open the gates to more joy, and reduce pain if the work is done as a part of one’s daily routine. This book provides a daily template for personal introspection and paves the way towards joy, clarity and self-improvement.  

What I Know for Sure: If I Change Nothing, Nothing Will Ever Change, looks at change from a positive point of view. It requires an action and a commitment from the reader to engage in affirmative action in their life. It realizes that most people moving through life resist change, thus the face to face confrontation, while examining conduct becoming, patterns, and behavior that demands a change in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

What I Know for Sure, confronts the reader to acknowledge choices made and choices not made while reflecting upon their experiences. The title commands attention of confidence and expecting change, and “If I Change Nothing, Nothing Will Ever Change demands an action to make different from what w...

  • Författare: Ayin Adams, Ciaara K Carlsen
  • Format: Pocket/Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780997759310
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 396
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2019-01-15
  • Förlag: Delane Publishing