bokomslag The Apprentice's Diaries

The Apprentice's Diaries

Wendy Williams



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  • 462 sidor
  • 2023
A little over a hundred years ago, the world ended and out of the ashes, one group, the Hellfire Club rose. With it came things that people thought of as only myths, witches, vampires and shapeshifters as well as other things that go bump in the night. Within the Hellfire Club, is a group who's sole purpose is to protect. Protect the club, the regulars, and the club's allies, no matter their race. Our story follows Kenna Ravensheart and her group of friends as they enter the Hellfire Academy to learn to be Hunters. Kenna is a witch and comes from a long line of Hellfire members and Hunters. Can she live up to her family's legacy? And when reports come in of a bigfoot in the area, can her and her friends find it before the regulars do and either of they get hurt or it does? And could there be more to these mythical creatures then anyone can imagine?

  • Författare: Wendy Williams
  • Format: Pocket/Paperback
  • ISBN: 9798215726266
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 462
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2023-03-31
  • Förlag: Wendy Williams