bokomslag The Ahlul - Bayt 2nd Edition, The Assassination of Eleven Imams, THE COLLAPSE OF THE CALIPHATE
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The Ahlul - Bayt 2nd Edition, The Assassination of Eleven Imams, THE COLLAPSE OF THE CALIPHATE

Dr His Eminency Hazrat S S M N Alam Rafiq Ahmed Golam Rabbani



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  • 286 sidor
  • 2020

This is a mere effort to introduce the illustrious light of the family of Prophet Mohammad (SM) to the generation of the needy, a time period indigent of iman i.e. faith and understanding of Islam’s eventful Authentic history. The history outlined in these pages is illuminated by the Great selfsacrifice of Ahlul-Bayt to preserve the Legacy of the Rahmatulil ‘Alameen, Ashraful Ambiyyah wal Mursaleen, Hazrat Mohammad (SM) The Last and Final Messenger sent to all Mankind as a Mercy. Living as we do in later times it is fruitful to bear in mind the statement of Imam Malik (RA): “Only what was right for the first of this ummah will be right for the last of it.” This should be even clearer to the present day people of the world today since the fantasy of evolution (Darwinism), progress and development (Materialism) is increasingly being exposed for the hollow falsehood it is. The Noble and Best of Mankind Prophet (SM) and the best of generations have already passed on. We who are alive now must model ourselves around their example, instruction on (permissible and forbidden) in harmony with Holy Qur’an. May this book be of greatest value to those who take it in hand as an aid and inspiration for establishing a just and illuminated civilization in the present age, AMEEN.

A few thousand words could never produce the depth of the lifetime of even one of these noble and greatest personalities let alone more than one. However, the dire need for English speaking Muslims to have some access to these illustrious beings free from Salafi, Shi’a, Ohabi, Tablighi, Jamaate and socalled Sunni propaganda. (Note: in contrast the shi’a and Sunni are the family and companions of AhlulBayt as long as they remain on adherence to their command and example.) May Allah give them proper knowledge to understand the status Ahlul-Bayt.

A Muslim means The one who Surrenders to Almighty God. The Concept of surrendering to Oneness of God had been around since The Prophet Abraham, the Descendants of Prophet Abraham are the Crowned creations of Almighty God Jews, Christians and Muslims are cousin brothers, in accordance of Holy Quran. A point should be noted, the followers of Judaism, Christianity & Muslims are all aware of the COMING OF THE PROMISED ONE but they are all spreading it in their own way for their better interest even in Hinduism and Buddhaism. Therefore, a leader must emerge to reunite the followers those who practices the path of Oneness of Almighty by devaluing the Sectarian segregation among Jews, Christians & Muslims.

If you are fortunate to research the greatness of Ahlul-Bayt (may Allah be pleased with them), it is also vital, extremely vital to grasp the greatness of their sacrifice and efforts to preserve an unadulterated practice of Islam. Otherwise, we may become trapped in the helpless idealism of those who romanticize their efforts while ignoring the actual techniques used to destroy th...

  • Författare: Dr His Eminency Hazrat S S M N Alam, Rafiq Ahmed, Golam Rabbani
  • Format: Pocket/Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780578647722
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 286
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2020-02-08
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