bokomslag ScatterZone Theory 1 : Understand climate change from a ScatterZone perspec
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ScatterZone Theory 1 : Understand climate change from a ScatterZone perspec

Bengt Ovelius



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  • 72 sidor
  • 2019
ScatterZone Theory 1 The untold story about climate change? A search for game-changing awareness At 200 nation's UN conference in Poland, December 2018. a 15 years old girl, Greta Thunberg, told UN summit: "....You are not mature enough to tell it like it is. Even that burden you leave to us children." Thank you Greta! These words made me wake up and write this book and release it only 3 weeks later. I felt a heavy responsibility as I would like to decribe the climate crisis from a totally different prespective, after my best ability. We urgently need this kind of discussion. The goal has been to write the book in such a way that every 15 years old child can understand it. I am a swedish engineer specialized in thermodynamics and computer simulations. For the last two decades I have been working with technology for climate solutions. 10 years ago I found , just from curiousity ,that an old scatterplot from the Vostok Ice core measurements has all the answers that Greta is asking for. The answers have been hiding there for almost 50 years and nobody seemed to care. Just by looking at it you can see that we have programmed the atmosphere for +25C over temperature. The same type of scatterplot over the ocean's history reveal that we have programmed for +40m sea level rise. Nobody can stop all this unless CO2 is reversed and forced back to year 1700. The rest is pure mathematics. We can even calculate exactly was has to be done and how fast. If we find the true background for climate change we can find true solutions with an almost 100% success to repair the atmosphere. Juts look at this image: It is all you need.......
  • Författare: Bengt Ovelius
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  • ISBN: 9789177859383
  • Språk: Svenska
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  • Utgivningsdatum: 2019-01-17
  • Förlag: BoD