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    bokomslag Sacred waters : a guide to Japanese hot springs

    Sacred waters : a guide to Japanese hot springs

    Anette Masui • August Eriksson

    • Kartonnage
    • 143 sidor
    • 2014
    THIS MAXIM has been believed by the Japanese for centuries, and explains why bathing in everything from volcanic springs to sitting bathtubs is such a fundamental and indispensible part of Japanese culture. Much of the mystique of the bath and its salubrious effects lies in its setting and the temperature of the water. Ideally, the former should echo nature and the seasons, while the latter should be hot enough to attain a genuine state of relaxation or catharsis SACRED WATERS. A guide to Japanese hot springs is a richly photographed presentation of Japans fascinating, millennia-old bathing culture and how it can enrich the life of everyone who partakes of it. It chronicles the origins and history of bathing, its social value, its spiritual effects and its reputation as the fountain of youth. The book also includes a guide to Japans hottest and most secluded springs, and instructions on how to take a healing bath in the Japanese manner: immersed in a hot spring surrounded by blossoming cherry trees or at home, in your own bathtub. Also available in a Swedish edition: Heligt vatten : En guide till Japans heta källor

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    • Författare: Anette Masui, August Eriksson
    • Formgivare: Pelle Asplund
    • Format: Kartonnage
    • Upplaga: 1
    • ISBN: 9789187283338
    • Språk: Engelska
    • Antal sidor: 143
    • Utgivningsdatum: 2014-02-21
    • Översättare: Neil Betteridge
    • Förlag: Votum

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