bokomslag Progress in Radiopharmacology 1985
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Progress in Radiopharmacology 1985

P H Cox G Limouris M G Woldring



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  • 2011
This volume is based upon presentations made to the 4th European Symposium on Radiopharmacology which was held under the auspices of the European Joint Committee on Radiopharma- ceuticals (ENMS / SNME) in Athens from March 28 - 31, 1984. The Medical Insurance Foundation of the National Bank of Greece (TYPET) sponsored this meeting and the Joint Committee would like to express their gratitude to the local organising committee: G. Limouris, M. Pierroutsakou, A. Sarris, A. Tzoulis and C. Binas. A word of thanks also to Mrs. Tineke Busker who prepared the camera ready copy. The meeting reflects the continuing and growing interest in biodistribution and factors which can influence bio- distribution in the clinical situation. The choice of sub- jects, respiration, cerebral function, biodistribution and metabolism complement earlier volumes in this series and reflect European interests in these areas. P. H. Cox Rotterdam, April 1985 VII CONTENTS Foreword P. H. Cox v Contributors XI I. THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Physiology and pathophysiology of the respiratory system J. Roth, E. Henze, W. E. Adam 3 Generator-produced Krypton-81m in gas and liquid phases for medical applications M. Guillaume, N. Garzaniti, H. Zicot, T. Khuc, P. Bartsch 23 Noble radionuclides for lung ventila- tion studies I. Bofilias 49 Radioaerosols in nuclear medicine M. Pillay, B. Shapiro, P. H. Cox 57 99m A dry aerosol of Tc -albuminmilli- micro spheres for lung ventilation scintigraphy: preparation, inhalation apparatus and examples of clinical results P. Angelberger, I. Zolle, A. Strigl, H. Kahn, A. Mostbeck, W.
  • Författare: P H Cox, G Limouris, M G Woldring
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