bokomslag Nanny Ogg's Cookbook

Nanny Ogg's Cookbook

Tina Hannan



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  • 176 sidor
  • 2000
Steel yourselves - Nanny Ogg is passing on some of her most interesting recipes and her most refined wisdom. 'Probably the best and certainly the tastiest of the Discworld spin-offs' - The Times 'They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach which just goes to show they're as confused about anatomy as they gen'rally are about everything else, unless they're talking about instructions on how to stab him, in which case a better way is up and under the ribcage.' Nanny Ogg Nanny Ogg, one of Discworld's most famous witches, is passing on some of her huge collection of tasty and above all interesting recipes. But in addition to the delights of the 'Strawberry Wobbler' and 'Nobby's Mum's Distressed Pudding', Mrs Ogg imparts her thoughts on social etiquette, life, death, courtship, children and weddings, all in a refined style that should not offend the most delicate of sensibilities. Well, not much... Jam-packed with recipes favoured (or not!) by the great and good of the Discworld, full of Nanny Ogg's unique wisdom and way with words, and peppered with apoplectic notes from the editor and the publisher, this is a treasure trove of literary, culinary and comic delights. A must- purchase for any fan of the legendary Sir Terry Pratchett. *Most of the recipes have been tried out on people who are still alive. __________________________________________________________________ What fans are saying... 'This is Nanny Ogg at her naughty best...I sniggered and snerked all the way through' - ***** Reader review 'As expected, hilarious. Also beautifully illustrated. Had a kick reading the recipes, and will likely try a few!' - ***** Reader review 'Love this book! It is brilliant! If you don't already have this buy it now!!' - ***** Reader review 'Totally Brilliant!!!' - ***** Reader review 'I laughed myself silly reading this; it is VERY funny...I am looking forward to trying the recipes' - ***** Reader review
  • Författare: Tina Hannan
  • Illustratör: Paul Kidby
  • Format: Pocket
  • ISBN: 9780552146739
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 176
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2000-11-02
  • Förlag: Corgi Books