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Modern-day vikings - a pracical guide to interacting with the swedes

Christina Johansson Robinowitz



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  • 216 sidor
  • 2001
  • Serie: Interact Series
Many people think of Sweden as a compilation of four stereotypes: sex, suicide, socialism and spirits. Modern-Day Vikings: A Practical Guide to Interacting with the Swedes is a window into Swedish culture that allows readers to come to understand and contradict these stereotypes, and explore the true values underlying Sweden and Swedish culture.The book traces many of Sweden's cultural traits back to its Viking heritage and examines the famous cradle-to-grave social democracy and the social and economic challenges brought on by immigration and other twenty-first century changes. It also explores the values underlying modern Swedish culture. Readers get a glimpse of the complete Swede as characterized by the four seasons. An indispensable tool for anyone traveling to Sweden or for those interested in and intrigued by Swedish culture, Modern-Day Vikings helps provide insights and strategies for successful interaction with the Swedes. It was a good read-and well worth the time, even for those of us already well ensconced in these northern climes-much of what they suggest is right on and directly illuminating. Indeed the chapters on the Jantelagenand the Lagom phenomenon are excellent for understanding much of what seems to stop native Swedes from tooting their own trumpets. Visitors to Sweden] should beware, for much like the Vikings of old, the modern-day version leaves a stronger impression than might at first be perceived. Visiting the book before visiting the place is worth the time taken. -Sven Bovei FackoversattarenReading this book was a genuine pleasure and I found myself grinning in acknowledgement in some places and getting a healthy dose of the 'aha' effect in othersa. This book is like a window in the sun, either you can cup your hand over your eyes to see right into the heart of the Swedish culture or you can stand back to see your own reflection.-Corinne Wilhelm http: // Modern-Day Vikings is quite informative. As an American who has chosen to live in Sweden it is an excellent addition to my library.. The organization, style, amount of information, and philosophical approach are what makes your and Ms. Carr's book particularly valuable. I'm not aware of any work now being sold that is of similar value and quality. I recommend that any American businessperson planning on doing business in Sweden read this book. -Jonathan Stubbs, consultant From ...] the opening paragraphs to the comprehensive bibliography, Modern-Day Vikings] is well researched and well written. As a Swedish manager I say: This book accurately describes the Swedes and provides very useful information regarding how to interact with them. Were I an American manager I'd say: This book is a must for anyone doing business with Swedes and going about it seriously -Goran Froling, Vice President and General Manager, Ericsson Canada Sweden is arguably the most American country in Europe. Even so, the cultural differences between us are more profound and more subtle than what is apparent to the casual visitor. Christina Robinowitz and Lisa Werner Carr have produced an excellent-and highly entertaining-guide for those who wish to understand and who, at the same time, are anxious not to put their foot in it.-Olle Wostberg, Consul General of Sweden in New York, former editor-in-chief of Expressen newspaper At a time when Swedish IT entrepreneurs are conquering the world, Modern-Day Vikings provides an excellent guide to Swedish business behavior, set against an historical background. Useful hints are given on how to avoid disastrous misunderstandings. Also, for Swedes, the book gives interesting historical explanations to why we behave as we do.-Cecilia Julin, Minister for Economic Affairs, Swedish Embassy, Washington, DC Swedes can sometimes be an enigma even to themselves. Authors Werner Carr and Robinowitz, with their very different backgrounds, offer a key to common and not-so-common differences between those things Swedish and the world. Modern-Day Vikings could become mandatory for those with an interest in, or plans to work with or in Sweden, but is also quite amusing and an eye opener for us born Swedes. -Ulf Martensson editor & publisher, Swedish News, Inc, and Sweden and America MagazineNordstjernanContentsAcknowledgmentsIntroduction1 From the Vikings to the Welfare State: A Millennium in Sweden2 The Rise of the Swedish Model3 The Four S's: Sex, Suicide, Socialism, and Spirits4 National Pride: A Matter of Romance5 The Individual and the Group: Self-Sufficiency and Solidarity6 The Lagom Phenomenon7 Jantelagen: Who Do You Think You Are?8 Equality Above All9 The Seasons and Their Power: Summer, Winter, and Holiday Swedes10 Communication: The Sound of Silence11 Manners: Swedish Customs Simplified12 Doing Business in Sweden: Competition versus ConsensusConclusionBibliographyIndexAbout the Authors
  • Författare: Christina Johansson Robinowitz
  • Format: Häftad
  • ISBN: 9781877864889
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 216
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2001-11-01
  • Del i serien: Interact Series
  • Förlag: Nicholas Brealey Pub

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