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Legato Guitar Technique Mastery

Chris Brooks Joseph Alexander Tim Pettingale



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  • 102 sidor
  • 2019

Discover Perfect Legato Technique for Rock Guitar

  • Do you want to master fluid, clean legato guitar passages?

  • Do you need to build speed, control and perfect feel?

  • Do you want to play jaw-dropping legato licks that avoid clichés?

Cutting-edge guitarist Chris Brooks has been teaching perfect guitar technique for three decades, and in Legato Guitar Technique Mastery he spills his secrets of incredible legato technique on guitar.

This method is a complete system to play legato in the style of the masters, like Alan Holdsworth, Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

Guitar Legato Technique Mastery

Over 150 exercises, impressive licks and musical etudes guide you on your journey to incredible legato guitar technique. Everything is structured so you’ll lock down your legato technique before learning a whole host of fantastic licks and runs.

  • Discover the secrets of precise guitar legato to play whatever you want!

  • Master exciting diatonic and chromatic fretboard drills for ultimate dexterity on guitar

  • Learn efficient practice routines for quick, meaningful progress

  • Apply legato technique to both three-note-per-string and CAGED shapes to suit your style

  • Easily combine Sweep and Hybrid Picking

  • Discover liquid licks and scorching sequences

Bonus: Learn to master the whole fretboard with scale maps

Bonus: Get creative! Chris teaches you how to make your own great music with unique legato guitar passages.

Bonus: Clear legato demonstration videos you can watch for free 

No More Boring Legato Guitar Licks

Legato Guitar Technique Mastery teaches you real insight into how the masters approach the style. You’ll learn to break out of the “scale jail” boxes in which amateur guitarists often find themselves trapped…

  • Författare: Chris Brooks, Joseph Alexander, Tim Pettingale
  • Format: Pocket/Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781789331509
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 102
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2019-11-07
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