bokomslag Five principles of excellent organizations : how to develop successful organizations
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Five principles of excellent organizations : how to develop successful organizations

Henrik Eriksson



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  • 2020
What are the characteristics of excellent organizations? How do the best organizations manage to have satisfied customers, satisfied employees, and at the same time achieve fantastic results?

 In the book Five Principles of Excellent Organizations, these organizations are decoded through twenty years of research. A way of working and thinking appear to exist in all successful organizations, regardless of the type of organization.Many organizations are not as good as they could be. But we can develop them. This book describes how that can be done.

Based on a solid and unique foundation of experience and research, the book provides clear answers to what characterises excellent organizations. It is like reading Good to Great in a different context. The book gives clear examples from some of the finest companies and from several different industries. The model with the five principles shows a clear direction for the companies that set out on the journey with the aim of becoming one of the best. Dag Kroslid, CEO, NorDan

It is rare to read a book that contains so many facts and so much knowledge on the subject. It is evident that Henrik Eriksson has experienced what is described in the book. This book gives concrete and clear advice on how to succeed with your development work. I myself am not particularly fond of all new management theories that are supposed to save us managers, and I get happy when it is described that it is quite clear what needs to be in place in order to succeed. I got many thoughts and ideas myself. I will read the book again. Tomas Fellbrandt, Director of Municipal Administration, Municipality of Skövde

The book describes in a very accurate way both the traps that organizations often fall into, but also the big breakthroughs that can be achieved with a clear why and through continuous improvements. The book is hard to put away once you have started reading. Here is a lot of inspiration for those who want to make organizations better. Katarina Lindström, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Hempel

Simple and concrete advice to anyone who wants to work on improving their organization. The book describes in a liberating way, far from all different concepts and management theories, how concrete improvements have been successfully achieved by working to create the greatest possible value for those we exist for. The fact that it is based on a broad and thorough research as well as on the described organizations" improvement journeys makes it practically applicable for different organizations. Finally, a book that is not about yet another new theory of improvement with new names and concepts, but instead focuses on what has worked in practice and compiled this. Ann Söderström, Director of Healthcare, Region Västra Götaland

I have been convinced for a long time that companies have an important role in making the world better. We are now in the middle of a transition where the purpose of entrepreneurship goes from being driven by profit to driven by need and purpose. However, a personal conviction does not always have to be evidence-based, which is why it is exciting and gratifying to see that 20 years of research on excellent organizations shows such a strong connection. It is time to learn more and Five Principles of Excellent Organizations feels like an obvious step along the road! Stefan Krook, Co-founder, Kivra

Henrik Eriksson has in a simple way described the importance of the different principles for success and the importance of working with all principles at the same time if you want to succeed. Many good examples show that the principles are useful in all industries. The book provides a good base for the fun work of creating a sustainable and constantly developing organization. All leaders should read the book! Lena Lundh, Vice President, Lean Forum 

Success is not a coincidence
  • Författare: Henrik Eriksson
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  • ISBN: 9789189219069
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  • Utgivningsdatum: 2020-07-30
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