bokomslag Fermat's enigma : the epic quest to solve the world's grea

Fermat's enigma : the epic quest to solve the world's grea




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  • 336 sidor
  • 1998
xn + yn = zn, where n represents 3, 4, 5, solution
"I have discovered a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain."
With these words, the seventeenth-century French mathematician Pierre de Fermat threw down the gauntlet to future generations. What came to be known as Fermat's Last Theorem looked simple; proving it, however, became the Holy Grail of mathematics, baffling its finest minds for more than 350 years. In "Fermat's Enigma"--based on the author's award-winning documentary film, which aired on PBS's "Nova"--Simon Singh tells the astonishingly entertaining story of the pursuit of that grail, and the lives that were devoted to, sacrificed for, and saved by it. Here is a mesmerizing tale of heartbreak and mastery that will forever change your feelings about mathematics.
  • Författare: SINGH, SIMON & SINGIT, SIMON
  • Format: Pocket
  • Upplaga: 1
  • ISBN: 9780385493628
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 336
  • Utgivningsdatum: 1998-09-01
  • Förlag: Bantam books

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