bokomslag Biomimetics
Vetenskap & teknik


Bharat Bhushan



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  • 977 sidor
  • 2018
This book presents an overview of the general field of biomimetics and biologically inspired, hierarchically structured surfaces. It deals with various examples of biomimetics, which include surfaces with roughness-induced super-phobicity/philicity, self-cleaning, antifouling, low drag, low/high/reversible adhesion, drag reduction in fluid flow, reversible adhesion, surfaces with high hardness and mechanical toughness, vivid colors produced structurally without color pigments, self-healing, water harvesting and purification, and insect locomotion and stinging. The focus in the book is on the Lotus Effect, Salvinia Effect, Rose Petal Effect, Superoleophobic/philic Surfaces, Shark Skin and Skimmer Bird Effect, Rice Leaf and Butterfly Wing Effect, Gecko Adhesion, Insects Locomotion and Stinging, Self-healing Materials, Nacre, Structural Coloration, and Nanofabrication. This is the first book of this kind on bioinspired surfaces, and the third edition represents asignificant expansion from the previous two editions.
  • Författare: Bharat Bhushan
  • Illustratör: Bibliographie
  • Format: Inbunden
  • ISBN: 9783319716756
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 977
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2018-11-13
  • Förlag: Springer International Publishing AG