bokomslag A university grammar of English : with a Swedish perspective
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A university grammar of English : with a Swedish perspective

Maria Estling Vannestål


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  • 586 sidor
  • 2015

This book is a corpus-based university grammar with a Swedish perspective, written in English and aimed mainly at first-semester students of English at Swedish universities. It gives a thorough, yet easily accessible, introduction to the study of grammar and the building blocks of language: word classes, phrases and clause elements. All examples are authentic, taken from English text types that students are acquainted with and often meet: for instance, spoken conversation, newspapers, academic texts, novels, Internet websites, song lyrics and students’ essays.

Throughout the grammar book, clear symbols indicate specific difficulties facing learners of English as well as other aspects of English usage, and extensive corpus-based information about language variation is provided. A large number of activities of various kinds, such as problem-solving questions, translation sentences and spot-the-mistake exercises, contribute further to reinforcing the knowledge of grammar.

To accompany the book, there is an extensive website including exercises and audio lectures on particular grammatical issues. In this second edition of A University Grammar of English the whole book has been digitalized, with clickable cross-references between different sections, and the audio lectures now also include short summaries of each of the chapters.

Second edition

  • Författare: Maria Estling Vannestål
  • Format: Flexband
  • Upplaga: 2
  • ISBN: 9789144104997
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 586
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2015-08-17
  • Förlag: Studentlitteratur