Anteckningsbok Paperblanks Midi linjerad - Astra
Anteckningsböcker & Block

Anteckningsbok Paperblanks Midi linjerad - Astra

Anteckningsbok, Paperblanks

This Paperblanks Nova Stella Astra journal cover comes from the 1768 binding of Missale Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum, printed by Octavii Puccinelli publishers. Adorning this ethereal blue book we see brocade with flowers and heart shapes, gilt-edged, broad string iron lines, single punch gilding and a cross with flowers and initials. 144 pages - 130 x 180mm
  • EAN: 9781439734902
  • Ytvikt papper (g/m²): 85
  • Layout: Linjerad

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