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    bokomslag The Writing Process - Composition Writing for University Students

    The Writing Process - Composition Writing for University Students

    Eleanor Wikborg • Michael Knight • Lennart Björk • Maj Björk

    289:- (359:-)
    • Häftad
    • 136 sidor
    • 1997

    Composition Writing for University Students

    This second edition of The Writing Process contains two new features to complement its presentation of composition writing as a process. They are a section on the use of computers/word processors in writing and a technique for analysing paragraph and composition structure by means of tree diagrams – both of which have proved valuable in the authors’ experience.

    As before, the course sees writing from the students’ point of view. By giving both explanations and numerous practical examples and exercises it leads them from the initial stages of generating ideas and draft writing to a final edited version of the composition. It is also useful as a reference book, providing students with advice at every stage on how to write better compositions.

    The course is based on the ideas of the Bay Area Writing Project at Berkeley, a widely-used programme for improving writing in American colleges and schools. These ideas have been adapted and developed by a research group under Professor Lennart Björk at the English Department, Stockholm University to suit the particular needs of first-term university students of English. The book can also be used as a source book for teachers of writing at advanced levels.

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    • Författare: Eleanor Wikborg, Michael Knight, Lennart Björk, Maj Björk
    • Format: Häftad
    • Upplaga: 2
    • ISBN: 9789144282220
    • Språk: Engelska
    • Antal sidor: 136
    • Utgivningsdatum: 1997-02-11
    • Förlag: Studentlitteratur

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