bokomslag Jerusalem 1
  • 114 sidor
  • 1995
  • Serie: Cities of the Biblical World (Lutterworth)
From the Cities of the Biblical World series - a series presenting the results of recent archaeological developments at major Biblical sites for the general reader, the student and the tourist. Say 'Ancient Jerusalem' and people think of the City of David, the sack by the Babylonians, Herod the Great and the splendours of his temple in this City of the Biblical World. In Jerusalem: Volume I - From the Bronze Age to the Maccabees, Graeme Auld and Margreet Steiner use fresh biblical and archaeological evidence, including Kathleen Kenyon's and Ygal Shiloh's excavations, to help clarify the earlier history of the holy city of three great world religions. The authors describe Jerusalem's development from its origins in the Middle Bronze Age, through the mysterious Millo that features in the stories of David and Solomon, and present the evidence of its prosperity in the 7th century BCE: the domesticity of that period is illustrated by its Greek wine jars, footbaths, toilet seats, fishbones - and even mouse bones. After guiding us through the fascinating and colourful early history of this most important of biblical cites, the authors walk us round its remains within the present city.
  • Författare: Graeme Auld, Margaret Steiner, Ag Auld
  • Format: Häftad
  • ISBN: 9780718829018
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 114
  • Utgivningsdatum: 1995-10-01
  • Del i serien: Cities of the Biblical World (Lutterworth)
  • Förlag: Lutterworth

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