bokomslag Early language learning and teaching: A1-A2
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Early language learning and teaching: A1-A2

Sharon Keaveney Gun Lundberg


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  • 2014

Young language learners deserve a well-planned, age-appropriate, and communicative language experience – one that will develop their self-esteem and motivate them to continue learning languages in the future and prepare them for global citizenship.

Early Language Learning and Teaching: A1–A2, illustrates how to use the CEFR to create a learner-centred curriculum for young language learners. By adopting a plurilingual approach to language teaching and providing increased exposure to new language learning contexts, teachers and learners can embark on a language journey filled with communicative, interactive activities which promote language use in the classroom and beyond.

This book will help teachers to view the CEFR not just as a document of reference for policy development, but as an essential tool for planning and assessing early language learning in the classroom. Using the positive ‘can do’ descriptors for language use at the A1–A2 levels, teachers and learners will be able to identify clear learning goals which will set them on the path to life-long language learning, and allow young learners to bring their own creativity, knowledge and joy of learning into the language classroom.

  • Författare: Sharon Keaveney, Gun Lundberg
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  • ISBN: 9789144085234
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  • Utgivningsdatum: 2014-05-22
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