bokomslag Animae Mundi Dialogues With Earth Hardcover
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Animae Mundi Dialogues With Earth Hardcover

Peter Watts



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  • 310 sidor
  • 2023
Animae Mundi ~ Dialogues With Earth is probably best described as a Book of Shadows. It's a memoir of sorts complete with poetry, dreams, visions, and metaphysical experiences. It's also part science textbook that includes ideas to live more lightly on our shared planet. The original art is pen drawn and a few are colourised using pencils. The technique starts with a random shape and lines evolve from there creating intricate layers of imagery. This book does not fit neatly into any genre but illustrates how the author lives a spiritual life that treats our planet with love and respect. There are infinite ways to connect with Anima Mundi, Earth's Soul, and every small act of respect adds up. Systemic change happens one mind at a time so whether you will be inspired to create a rain garden, start a compost pile for the first time, or spend more time outside singing and talking and dancing with Earth, She is begging us to begin that change.If you cannot seem to find the means of expressing deep reverence for the Soul of the World perhaps you'll find something that resonates on these pages and begin the process of integrating your own story. Anima Mundi has captivated our imaginations for millennia though modern 'civilised' humans seem to be in a state of natural unconsciousness. On the other hand, Soul Consciousness, like the colours of the visible light spectrum, is much more than ROYGBIV. Like the spectrum, our journey of growth and discovery is gradual, consisting of infinite transitions to the next frequency. This book also uncovers the lifelong Journey of healing work through personal experiences of ritual, journaling, Dream Work, and Shadow Work. And there's always more work to do. None of us are perfect yet that shouldn't stop us from trying to be better every day.Like all Souls, beautiful Anima Mundi is immortal and whether humans will re-evolve into a species that has meaningful dialogue with Her remains to be seen. This book is written from the mystical Pagan perspective of Animism which is a spiritual knowing that natural phenomena and 'inanimate' objects like rocks are alive and possess characteristics of consciousness such as intention, desire, and feeling. As all things are connected, the Universe is also alive and conscious. It's ALL alive.

  • Författare: Peter Watts
  • Format: Inbunden
  • ISBN: 9781312793743
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 310
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2023-03-09
  • Förlag: